I'm Nicole, your DFW Photographer who loves documenting everything.

Capturing Life & Love and all the emotions that come with it is what I do best.

So cheers to THe memories we make together.

Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

When it comes to my work, I love capturing the messy in between moments. The ones where you’re not thinking about the fact that there is a camera watching you, you’re just living.

I want my photos to reflect the love & life of each person I photograph. Genuine emotions and connection frozen in a photograph.

I feel inspired every time I’m out and about or watching a movie or reading a book. I truly feel there is inspiration everywhere I go and in everything I do. 

I grew up in Central Illinois in a small rural town (Princeville for those that have heard of it) and absolutely love and appreciate where I grew up. I got a horse when I was 15 (she still lives with parents) and I worked on a Clydesdale breeding farm through high school and most of college. The countryside is where I feel the most at peace. The Midwest will forever have my heart no matter where I am. 

I had always loved photos - from borrowing my moms digital camera, disposable cameras, and eventually phone cameras, I was always taking photos. I remember spending so much time at the county fair going through the photography submissions thinking how amazing each photo was. 

I graduated with my bachelors of science in nursing in 2017 and worked as a registered nurse until I went full time with photography at the beginning of 2020. Nursing will always be a huge piece of who I am, but I love getting to serve people in a whole different way with photography. 

My husband and I moved to Texas in August of 2020 with our two dogs. We bought a house, we were both working and that was when I decided I needed something to do on my days off so I bought a camera. What I thought would just be a passionate hobby quickly turned into “I want to do this as my job”. I worked hard to get my business going in 2021 and by the end of the year, I said goodbye to nursing and hello to full time photography. I am so grateful to the amazing photographer mentors turned friends that helped me become the photographer I am today. 

I met my husband in 2016 but didn’t start dating until 2018. He moved into the apartment building next to mine and sent me a happy birthday message - we didn’t stop talking after that. We moved to Texas in 2020 and got married in 2021.

I am a mom to Saige who was born this year and brings so much joy into my life. My husband and I also have two dogs - Maverick & Zoey - who have done so much life with us. My little family is my number one inspiration in life. 

My family

My Favorite things

- My family
- Harry Potter - books & movies
- Watching Pride & Prejudice
- Listening to Taylor Swift
- Ice cream
- Reading - fantasy is my fav
- Dogs
- St. Louis - lover of the midwest
- Cute coffee & book shops

- Hannah N.

She made our day so much easier and our photos turned out exactly how I was wanting. She is worth every dollar you spend. I promise you’ll have no regrets!!